Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Brulee

Wet n Wild Brulee with text2 Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Brulee

As I’m writing this, Wet n Wild Color Icon Single in Brulee has an average rating of4.6 on MakeupAlley (with 279 reviews!) Actually, if you search for all eyeshadows with 100+ reviews, this comes up on the first page. So I’m not alone when I say Ilove this shadow.


This is one of those super versatile, hard-working products – which is probably a big part of it’s appeal! I tend to use it over concealer or foundation as a base. I take it from the lash line and inner corner all the way up to the brow bone. For me, it covers up redness, subtly brightens, and creates an even canvas to either wear alone or apply other shades over. For light to medium skintones, it’s perfect for evening out skintone and fading any discolorations on the lid. If you’re very fair, you may want to mix in some matte white. If you’re on the darker side of light-medium, you could mix in a mid-tone tan, like Urban Decay Naked or the medium matte brown in the Wet n Wild Vanity Palette (which has unfortunately been discontinued recently – grr!) Brulee will also work as a matte highlight for a wide range of skintones, although maybe not very light or very dark skin.

Wet n Wild Brulee close up Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Brulee


Brulee is a creamy ivory beige. I don’t own MAC Brule, but it’s been called a dupe. Wendy at Fashionable Heart has a great comparison post.



One of my favorite things about this shadow is the formulation. It has that buttery, creamy texture, yet pigmentation is super intense. If I were creating my own makeup line, I’d want my eyeshadows to feel like this.



I know a major complaint of this shadow is that it’s difficult to open the packaging. It’s actually the reason I depotted my first Brulee and figured I’d have to depot my new one, too. But when I re-purchased a few months ago, I was pleasantly surprised… the packaging actually works! I wish I still had the first version to compare, but I’m pretty sure they’ve improved the packaging.



Brulee matches the color of my inner arm almost exactly, so it’s barely visible in my swatches.

Brulee Swatch Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Brulee

If you know Wet n Wild’s products, you know they’re pretty big on shimmer finishes. They did have the I Heart Matte palette last year, but it wasn’t available where I live (trust me – I searched!). I believe it’s actually being re-released this year (for details on that, I refer you to the lovely Nouveau Cheap, where I get all my wnw news). But it would be pretty cool if Wet n Wild released more mattes in their regular line, especially as Color Icon Singles. The recently discontinued 6-pan palettes had some great mattes that they could release individually, but I’d also love if they came out with some totally new matte shades.


Where to Buy

Online and in store at drugstores including Walgreens and CVS. Check their Where to Buy page for retailers in your area.

[box]Wet n Wild is PETA-certified. Most of their products are vegan. Their vegan and non-vegan products are listed on the Wet n Wild FAQ page (it looks like Brulee 251A is not vegan). Wet n Wild is made by Markwins International.[/box]


What shades would you like to see Wet n Wild release?

  • Moxie

    I’ll have to look for this shade. As for the I Heart Matte Palette–I don’t remember seeing that at all last year! I’ll have to check that out for this year.

    • Catherine

      I think it was only available in select Walgreen’s – hopefully this year it’ll be in more stores. It looks like they’ve renamed it to “Drinking a Glass of Shine” <3

  • Tina

    Yes, I have heard raves about Creme Brulee since forever! I don’t own a lot of WnW eyeshadow but love their nail polish. I also love my Nouveau Cheap, she’s one of my favorite bloggers :).

    • Catherine

      Thanks for your comment, Tina! I know, it’s one of my favorite blogs too, G and her readers are pretty much the reason I first tried wet n wild :)