VEGAN CUTS Beauty Box Review

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Subscription VEGAN CUTS Beauty Box Review Do you subscribe to a monthly beauty box? I feel like I’m one of the few who doesn’t. There are a couple reasons I haven’t gotten into beauty boxes, the number one reason is concerns over animal testing. I wasn’t sure whether all the samples would be cruelty-free, so I just avoided them. If you’ve wanted to try beauty boxes but had the same concern, or if you’re looking for only vegan products, Vegan Cuts may be your answer. The monthly beauty box includes 4-7 cruelty-free, vegan makeup and skincare products for $19.95 per month.

  • FERRO COSMETICS Mineral Eyeshadow - a shimmery tan-pink
  • SOAPBOX SOAPS Charcoal and Sea Salt Soap I don’t get too excited about soaps, but I really liked this. It felt gentle and left my skin feeling soft
  • LA FRESH Oil-Free Face Cleanser - worked to remove makeup with a pleasant, fruity smell and plus for biodegradeable materials!
  • LAVISHY Faux Leather Pouch
  • JERSEY SHORE SUN Organic Lip Balm - yet to try this, but will feature it in my next “lip balm stockup” post
  • COLOR CLUB Harlem Lights Mini Kit - mine came with two of the same shade (Sugar Rays), which I assume is an error, though there is the slightest difference between the two. The colors aren’t for me, but they applied smoothly. NOTE: There’s some question of Color Club’s cruelty-free status. Clarification pending. 
  • EVERYDAY MINERALS Matte Blush (All Smiles) and Finishing Dust - I’ve considered purchasing Everyday Minerals blushes before, but what stops me is the inclusion of Lauroyl Lysine, which my skin is sensitive to. If you don’t have issues with that, they have an extensive shade range with many beige-nudes, which aren’t always easy to find. These were more like free samples you get with purchases, though because they’re powder you could get a couple uses from them, if you care to save the little packet.

Color Club Nail Polish Harlem Lights Review VEGAN CUTS Beauty Box Review

1. Sugar Rays 1

2. Sugar Rays 2

3. Lady Holiday

4. Savoy Nights

Color Club Harlem Lights Swatches VEGAN CUTS Beauty Box Review

1. Sugar Rays 1 (2 coats)

2. Sugar Rays 2 (2 coats)

3. Lady Holiday (2 coats)

4. Savoy Nights (2 coats)

5. Sugar Rays 1 (2 coats) + Savoy Lights (2 coat)

6. Sugar Rays 2 (2 coats) + Savoy Lights (2 coat)

7. Lady Holiday (2 coats) + Savoy Lights (2 coats)

Overall, I think Vegan Cuts is a convenient, budget-friendly way to discover new cruelty-free brands. I like that they offer a variety of lesser-known companies – I was only familiar with two of the seven. I can’t say I’m totally sold on the beauty box concept, as I still would rather save my money for items I pick myself. At the same time, I’m pleased with the quality, size, and variety of the samples. Aside from the Everyday Minerals, these all contain more product that you’d get in a typical free-with-purchase sample. If I were to subscribe to a beauty box, this would probably be it, because I feel comfortable that Vegan Cuts will give due diligence to ensuring any product included is truly cruelty-free.

Thoughts on beauty subscription boxes? Have you seen another beauty box that’s all cruelty-free?

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    This seems like GREAT value for 20 bucks! I’m glad there is now a subscription box catering to the cruelty-free makeup consumers. I personally can’t subscribe to one anymore, since I have way too much stuff. For people who are not actively reading beauty blogs and have fixed preferences already, it is a great way to discover new stuff!

    • Catherine

      Hi Sunny! It is a good value, but I feel the same way as you, I just have so many samples already, I really don’t need more. But I can see how a box of mystery items arriving at your doorstep monthly could be fun for people who don’t already have a list of “to try” products sitting around ♥

  • Martha

    I like it! But I think I’m going to stay away from beauty boxes in 2014 and save my money for full-sized items. I hope Color Club will get their stuff sorted out soon.

    • Catherine

      Hi Martha! I agree personally, especially since I’m pretty particular about what I like. At the same time, this did get me to discover some brands I know I probably wouldn’t have otherwise ♥

  • Guest

    i’ve been

  • Jessica Bailey

    i’ve been considering Vegan Cuts for a while because a cruelty free box would be great – that one and Petit Vour. i’m currently only subbed to one monthly: Birchbox and that’s enough. looks like Vegan Cuts does send some great stuff though!

    • Catherine

      Hi Jessica! I haven’t seen Petit Vour, I’ll check it out. It’s definitely nice to know that the products are all cruelty-free with Vegan Cuts. ♥

  • Lily

    Oh! Those nail colours!! I don’t think we get this brand here though. Darnit!

    • Catherine

      Hi Lily! Ahh, yeah, if only every brand was available everywhere. I’m actually not the hugest fan of these colors but it seems like most people are loving them! The formula is lovely anyway ♥

  • Miss. Louise

    I really want to try this out! Those polishes and blushers look amaaaazing!

    • Catherine

      Hi Louise! The polishes are a lovely formula, if you like the colors, definitely check them out! ♥

  • TinaBowling

    This looks like a really nice box! I was really curious about that black soap and went to their website, they have all kinds of fun goodies!

    • Catherine

      Hi Tina! It’s definitely a well-done subscription box, it doesn’t just feel like you’re getting freebie samples. I was surprisingly pleased with the black soap, it just made my skin feel soft and smooth ♥

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Wow those are a lot of cute goodies for $20–seems like a really cute box! I still haven’t gotten into the whole beauty sampler box craze but I am awfully curious. I bet it’s a nice little treat every month!

    • Catherine

      Hi Becca, I miss you! Yeah I am the same way, it’s hard to get into the idea of more samples when I have drawer full already waiting to be tested. BUT for anyone who likes them, Vegan Cuts is a great option, especially for those who purchase only cruelty-free products ♥

  • Catherine

    Hi Jaa, thanks for stopping by! I liked the black soap, it’s less drying than your typical soap and my skin felt really soft afterwards, which is impressive given how dry my skin gets in winter ♥