VEGAN CUTS Beauty Box May 2014

Vegan Cuts Review VEGAN CUTS Beauty Box May 2014A few months ago, I shared my first Vegan Cuts Beauty Box (my review). Today, I present you with beauty box #2. 

  1. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Mascara
    I like the brush shape of this mascara – it’s relatively thin, which let me get close to the last line without blinking. However, by evening time, I noticed that I unfortunately had pretty bad raccoon eyes (in all fairness, I was outside in spring heat for much of the day). I am (slightly nervously) trying it again today, as I anticipate I’ll be inside much of the day, to see if it wears better.
  2. Gourmet Body Treats Raw Finishing Powder
    An “oil-absorbing, line minimizing” powder designed to be worn lightly over mineral foundation. I’ve not had a chance to test this thoroughly, but I’ll do a separate review on it in the future.
  3. Tallulah Jane Eau de Parfum in Halona
    A relatively strong, spicy sweet scent that’s main notes consist of citrus and ginger.
  4. Skinagain Vanish Cream
    Another product I’ll feature in a separate review. While it claims to diminish signs of aging, I typically don’t put much stock in those sort of claims. But the ingredients list does feature a number of skin-beneficial ingredients and it applies nicely.
  5.  Sevi Sea Salt Hair Texturizer
    Personally, my hair has plenty of texture already, so this isn’t a product type I’d usually purchase. I did try it and I’m not sure I saw much difference, but again, my hair likely isn’t the ideal texture for testing. If you have fine or thin hair and want beachy waves, this may be one to check out.
  6. Goddess Garden Organics Sunscreen
    Based on the single use I got from the tiny packet, this seems like a solid vegan sunscreen. It’s wonderfully moisturizing, with aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil receiving top billing on the ingredients list.


Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard of a single one of the brands included. Depending on your personal preferences, that may be a positive or negative thing. Personally,  I think it’s nice to get a mix of brands you already know you like and a few new brands mixed in.

Compared to many of the other Vegan Cuts boxes I’ve seen, this one wasn’t my favorite selection of products. BUT that’s part of the deal with beauty boxes, isn’t it? Sometimes you’ll luck out, sometimes it’ll be more of a “meh” experience.

I still love Vegan Cuts and think it’s an incredible option, not only for vegans but ANYONE who wants to live a more animal-friendly life. For just under $20 a month, you can have the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box delivered to you monthly. Vegan Cuts ships internationally – $8 shipping for Canadians, $15 worldwide. If you enjoy beauty subscription boxes, I think it’s worth a try. Personally, I’m currently eyeing their snack box, which is the same idea as the beauty box but filled with vegan treats.

Do you subscribe to Vegan Cuts? What products did you receive this month?

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  • moxiereviews

    I don’t subscribe to this, but I liked trying it. I have been wanting to try the treat box, too!!

    • Catherine

      Hi Moxie! Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy trying Vegan Cuts because I really support what they do and I know many fellow beauty lovers and readers enjoy subscription boxes. But I haven’t subscribed for the monthly service either, because I’d usually rather save that money for something I know I’ll like ♥

  • Christine

    I’m with you that this was not one of Vegan Cuts better months. In general I’ve been less and less impressed. I love the idea, just not thrilled by a lot of the products.

    I keep finding myself thinking about the Snack Box too! It seems like the better of the two boxes lately. I think they recently introduced a Pet box as well, but I don’t know much of anything about it.

    • Catherine

      Hi Christine! Ha yeah, I think more than anything I’m just not big of subscription beauty boxes. I’m way too particular about makeup. But I don’t have that problem with snacks ;) Oh really? I haven’t seen the pet box. That’s a cute idea, I can see it doing well. Though my insanely spoiled cat DOES NOT definitely does not need more of anything… ♥

  • RumpyDog!

    I’m generally not a fan of surprise boxes like this. Maybe a vegan candy box? Now I’m all for that. LOL

    • Catherine

      Haha agreed! Have you seen the Vegan Cuts snack box? That may be one for you! ♥

  • Catherine

    Hi Sissi, thanks for stopping by and welcome to the cruelty-free beauty blogosphere! ♥