Top 5 Drugstore Stocking Stuffers | A Cruelty-Free Beauty Blog Collaboration

Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Products EOS Top 5 Drugstore Stocking Stuffers | A Cruelty Free Beauty Blog Collaboration So, you’ve gotten most of your holiday shopping out of the way, but you’re still looking for a couple smaller items? Or maybe, like me, you’re a last minute shopper and put it all off until now. Allow Liza, Christine, and I to recommend our top five cruelty-free stocking stuffers, conveniently available at the drugstore.

Christine’s Top 5 Drugstore Stocking Stuffers

Liza’s Top 5 Stocking Stuffers

WET N WILD Color Icon 8-Pan Palette in Comfort Zone Let’s start with a reliable favorite. The Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette in Comfort Zone Top 5 Drugstore Stocking Stuffers | A Cruelty Free Beauty Blog Collaboration has earned a sort of cult status among budget beauty enthusiasts. And it’s easy to see why. The mix of shimmery-sheen to all out glitter, the wearable yet far-from-boring shades, the beautifully pigmented smooth texture… And did I mention it’s $5?

FLOWER Beauty Nail’d It Nail Lacquers OK, so the FLOWER Beauty Nail’d It Nail Lacquers are only sold at Walmart, but it is at drugstore price points. The colors and quality are totally on par with higher end brands. I usually struggle with getting a neat finish, but this formula and brush makes it easy. Pictured above are NP 2 That’s Just Dan-De-Loin (my review), which I received from FLOWER, and NP17 Make My Daylilly, which I purchased myself.

MILANI Shadow Eyez 12 Hour Wear In the world of jumbo eye shadow pencils, Milani Shadow Eyez rank among the best I’ve tried. Milani has been releasing number of new shades lately, my favorites being those in the the LE Naturally Chic Collection (my review). They’re creamy, smooth, richly pigmented, and last until you take them off.

EOS Lip Balm Spheres The EOS Smooth Lip Balm Spheres Top 5 Drugstore Stocking Stuffers | A Cruelty Free Beauty Blog Collaboration‘s cute packaging makes them a fun stocking stuffer. Plus, lip balms are always a safe gift, and these are particularly well-formulated, effective ones.

ECO TOOLS Day to Night Clutch Set I reviewed the LE Eco Tools Day to Night Clutch Set earlier this year (my review) and when I started brainstorming good drugstore gifts, it immediately came to mind. Happily, it’s still available. All the brushes in this set are high quality and are basic shapes that most everyone would find useful. The round powder brush remains a staple in my everyday makeup routine.

Remember to check out Liza and Christine’s posts for more cruelty-free drugstore stocking stuffers. Happy last minute gifting!

Christine’s Top 5 Drugstore Stocking Stuffers

Liza’s Top 5 Drugstore Stocking Stuffers


What drugstore products would you fill your stockings with?

 Top 5 Drugstore Stocking Stuffers | A Cruelty Free Beauty Blog Collaboration

  • Camila Alvarez

    I have this palette & its wonderful. The greens are great if you don’t really like wearing color on the eye but still want to be festive. Gotta loves those eos balms. Thanks for sharing!!
    xo Camila

    • Catherine

      Thanks so much for your comment, Camila! It’s a great palette, especially for the price, you describe it perfectly – it’s unique yet not too colorful ♥

  • Makeup Matters

    I almost picked the Comfort Zone palette too! Great choice. I couldn’t resist naming Wet n Wild eyeshadow. I think it’s a great bang for your buck. Comfort Zone is probably my favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette of all time. You & Christine both mentioned Flower Nail Lacquer. I will have to try it for sure. I recently got into their eyeshadow and mascara and I must say I am very impressed. I love the Milani Shadow Eyez too. I think they make a great base for any eyeshadow look. I have the Eco Tools set you’ve mentioned here too, and I think it’s a great one. Nice and compact to fit easily into a stocking. I chose an Eco Tools brush too for part of my list. They are just really great quality for the price. I think the brand has really come a long way in terms of quality, while still keeping the prices affordable. If I don’t talk to you, have a great holiday season!

    • Catherine

      Hi Liza! I had a feeling you might include Comfort Zone, it’s nice you showed another one though, I know EVERYONE talks about Comfort Zone. I haven’t tried the FLOWER shadows and have heard some mixed reviewed, but I want to just test them out myself. I love Eco Tools as well, it’s crazy to me how well those brushes work given their price when compared to higher end brushes. I love seeing these super professional artists like Lisa Eldridge and the Pixiwoo sisters pull out Eco Tools brushes, I think it’s really a testament to how wonderful they are. Happy holidays to you, too love! ♥

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    Great picks! I need to try those Milani pencils I think!

    • Catherine

      Hi Tracy! YES you dooooo. Is Milani sold in Canada? I knew the answer to that at one point, but all this information about what brands are available where gets jumbled in my brain over time haha ♥

  • Christine

    Happy Holidays Catherine!!! It’s been so fun doing these collaborations with you and Liza, so I’m glad we did at least one more before the end of the year! :)

    Such great picks!!! :) Obviously I agree with the Flower Nail Polish! :) I was considering including the Milani Shadow Eyez Pencils, but since those shades were LE, I went with the Jordana version instead. I swear they are the same formula and even the same shades as the LE Milani Collection, plus they’re a bit less expensive! :) I agree that you can’t go wrong with Wet N Wild Eyeshadows, especially the Comfort Zone palette! The brush set looks really nice and I am always drawn to EOS Lip Balms! :) I don’t need more, but they always look so enticing! :) Excellent post…as always! :)

    • Catherine

      Thanks so much, Christine, same here! :) I haven’t tried the Jordana version, I need to, I never seem that brand in stores near me, though. Even though the Milani are budget-friendly, they aren’t the cheapest drugstore brand, so saving some money is always good, plus not being LE is awesome. I find myself drawn to the EOS balms, too – they’re surprisingly good lip balms, even though they look a little gimmicky. They definitely help my super dry lips keep from cracking. And they’re one of the few brands that I’ve liked every scent/flavor I’ve tried thus far (I’m a bit picky about scent) ♥

  • Icequeen81

    They are just yaayyy, the only thing I would change about your list is the shades of the flower for vampy ones.

    • Catherine

      Thanks! Haha I always go for light shades with polishes, though recently I have gotten into a couple darker ones (for the first time in YEARS) ♥

  • Lily

    Gosh, those W&W eye shadow palettes. I’ve read and heard so much about them but never picked them up before. One day, I WILL give it a try!

    • Catherine

      Hi Lily! They are great but if you already have similar shades, you’re not missing out. I think the main appeal is that they’re such nice quality yet SO crazy inexpensive, but I imagine the shipping cost might cancel out some of the discount for you, anyway. But if they come out with a palette that’s really unique to your collection (and has good reviews – they can be hit or miss), then I’d say, go for it! ♥

  • Emma Plaskitt

    But EOS is not cruelty free, tragically! I hear that they sell in China which insists upon animal testing for all imported make up and beauty products. I love their lip balms (as does my sister, my niece, my best friend, etc. etc.) so if you know something I don’t, please tell me. If not,EOS, like MAC (used since 1989 when Frank Toscan owned the company). Clinique, Smashbox, Benefit, is banned from my make up bag. : (