Tech Updates/Ways to Follow

Just a quick post to let you all know about a few updates that have taken place on the tech side of Buying Cruelty-Free.

Firstly, I’ve finally upgraded to an iPhone. I’m still getting used to it, but one of my favorite parts is that I’m now on Instagram. Connect with me there!

instagram4 Tech Updates/Ways to Follow




I also recently switched to Feedblitz from Feedburner. If you were already subscribed via email, you shouldn’t have to do anything – your subscription has been transferred over to Feedblitz. If you’re subscribed via RSS, you may need to update your feed. To do so, just click the RSS icon below. And if you’re not already subscribed, feel free to do so now icon smile Tech Updates/Ways to Follow

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And just a reminder of all the other ways you can follow my cruelty-free beauty musings…

twitter4 Tech Updates/Ways to Follow facebook4 Tech Updates/Ways to Follow pinterest4 Tech Updates/Ways to Follow bloglovin4 Tech Updates/Ways to Follow googleplus4 Tech Updates/Ways to Follow flickr4 Tech Updates/Ways to Follow


OK that’s just about it with the tech updates.


By the way, if you’re a smart phone user, what are your favorite apps? I’d love to know!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I’m not a big app user. I do have an iphone though.

    • Catherine

      How do you like your iPhone? I’m loving mine, except the keyboard… it’s taking way longer to get used to than I expected! ♥

      • Kiss & Make-up

        Hm, I have had mine for almost a year now, but I think I got used to it pretty quickly. The phone I had before also had a similar keyboard though, so maybe that’s why. Did you old phone still have ”buttons”? :-)

        • Catherine

          Haha yes, it did! It was a Blackberry and I actually chose it because it had buttons ;)