MINERAL FUSION Sheer Tint Foundation Swatches

Mineral Fusion Foundation Post MINERAL FUSION Sheer Tint Foundation Swatches

If you have medium-to-dark skin and want a light-coverage, dewey finish,  Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint Foundation ($29.95) is worth a look. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free. Like all brands sold at White Rabbit Beauty, Mineral Fusion is Leaping Bunny-certified. CONTINUE READING…

100% PURE Healthy Skin Foundation with Super Fruits Swatches

100 Percent Pure Healthy Skin Foundation 100% PURE Healthy Skin Foundation with Super Fruits Swatches

Continuing the White Rabbit Beauty cruelty-free foundation series, today I have swatches of the 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation ($32). CONTINUE READING…

FACE atelier Ultra Foundation Swatches (Full Line)

FACE Atelier Ultra Foundation Swatches Full Range FACE atelier Ultra Foundation Swatches (Full Line)FACE atelier Ultra Foundation ranks among the very best foundations I’ve tried. With their background in professional products, FACE atelier consistently impresses me with their quality, innovation, and commitment to creating makeup for every skin tone.

This is one of a very small number of foundation ranges that I can confidently say has a match for everyone. CONTINUE READING…

ZuZu Luxe from Gabriel Cosmetics | Oil-Free Liquid Foundation Swatches (Full-Line)

ZuZu Luxe Oil Free Liquid Foundation ZuZu Luxe from Gabriel Cosmetics | Oil Free Liquid Foundation Swatches (Full Line)

Cruelty-free foundations. It’s the topic I get most questions about and traffic from. As a foundation fanatic, I’m always excited to share my recommendations. But of course one of the most crucial factors in selecting a foundation is color match. And many Leaping Bunny certified brands simply aren’t widely available in stores, which can make determining your correct shade difficult.

To help, I’m posting swatches of the full color ranges of five cruelty-free foundations: ZuZu Luxe Oil-Free Liquid, FACE Atelier Ultra, 100% Pure Healthy Skin SPF 20, Mineral Fusion, and Gabriel Cosmetics Moisturizing Liquid. All the foundations are Leaping Bunny certified and sold at White Rabbit Beauty. This is something I’ve wanted to do forever. I am so grateful to Jean at White Rabbit Beauty, who made this possible!

The first range I have for you is the ZuZu Luxe Oil-Free Liquid Foundation ($29.75). Zuzu Luxe is a line from Gabriel Cosmetics. It’s Leaping Bunny-certified, gluten-free, and vegan. CONTINUE READING…