QTICA/ZOYA Callus Action Quick Gel

Zoya Qtica ZoomDry Callus Action Quick Gel QTICA/ZOYA Callus Action Quick GelDuring the winter I essentially live in fuzzy socks morning and night. Needless to say, my foot care gets pretty lax. Warm weather means flip flop season, which means it’s time to start paying attention to the condition of my toes again! The older I get, the more I notice my feet are prone to dryness and calluses. No matter how many oils, lotions, and potions I slather on after showering (trust me, it’s a lot!), I’m still liable to get those extra hard, dry patches. Luckily, I’ve found a handful of products that help get my feet in presentable-condition without a lot of time or money. Exhibit A: the Zoya/Qtica Callus Action Quick Gel.

I’ll admit, the packaging is a little gimmicky, but I’ve come to trust Zoya’s quality so I wasn’t too put off. At $24, it’s not the cheapest callus gel I’ve seen, but it’s still on par with the cost of a single pedicure. The formula is a relatively thick clear gel that looks and feels similar to the ones used for pedicures in salons. The instructions are simple: soak your feet, apply to callused areas, wait 3-5 minutes, then gently facilitate the removal of dead skin with whatever exfoliating tool you prefer. I have a pumice stone from Sally’s Beauty that I typically reach for, but I’ve used cheapo foot buffers from the dollar store successfully, too. I imagine even a rougher washcloth would work. The real magic is the gel. It doesn’t sting or irritate my skin at all; in fact, I don’t even feel it while it’s on. But it’s clearly pretty powerful stuff, because after letting it soak into my feet, I only need to gently run the pumice stone over the “problem areas” and the rough, dead skin comes right off.  Afterwards, I apply a generous layer of oil or moisturizer. The result is noticeably smoother, softer, healthier-feeling and looking feet with minimal effort. In short: this gel + warm water + a pumice stone = soft, callus-free feet in 5 minutes.


How do you get your feet ready for spring and summer?

  • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Hey Catherine, I actually think it’s much easier to keep feet soft in winter! In winter they are always protected by socks and shoes. It’s not the same thing in summer! I have never used anything like this! I usually just exfoliate when I exfoliate my body (once a week in summer, once every 10 days or so in winter). I need to paint my toe nails though! They’ve been bare for quite a while now.

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      Hi Sunny! You’re lucky. Even though my feet are protected by socks during the winter, they still get extra dry patches without regular maintenance. I need to paint my toes too! ♥

  • Christine

    I NEED that stuff! :) My feet are horrendous right now. I have an Emjoi Callus Remover thing (I can’t remember it’s proper name) that I use for my feet. It works pretty well and is easy with no creams required. It takes a few days of use to “fix” the damage from an entire Winter though. :) Another thing I’ve found works great on my seriously dry elbows is a Diabetic Foot Balm. I bought it for my dad and borrowed it one day and it’s seriously amazing, though I have a feeling it isn’t cruelty-free. :( It’s from Flexitol if anyone’s curious.