Product Preview: Three Zoya Nail Lacquers

Zoya Nail Lacquer London Storm Normani with text Product Preview: Three Zoya Nail LacquersA preview of my three new Zoya nail polishes: London (PixieDust), Dove, and Normani. These are the shades I selected (after much deliberation!) during the “3 free polish” promo. Full reviews to come!

  • Martha

    I have Dove and I LOVE it! I think you will too. It’s such a perfect, pretty shade of grey.

    • Catherine

      It really is so pretty. I haven’t worn it yet but I think it’ll be the first I try ♥

  • Miss. Louise

    Gorgeous colors! Excited to hear more about them :)

    • Catherine

      Thanks, Louise! Can’t wait to test them out ♥

  • Lily

    Oh, London looks gorgeous!

    • Catherine

      Hi Lily! It really, really is – and that’s coming from someone who usually avoids dark polishes ♥

  • Christine

    I love how you used the shadows in your photo! :) And the polishes are pretty too. ;)