Product Preview: INGLOT Freedom System Lip Colors

Inglot Lip Creams Product Preview: INGLOT Freedom System Lip Colors


This is a different type of post for me, but I thought this product looked so unique, it was worth posting a “preview” about. If you follow this blog you probably know I’m a big fan of neutrals. Yet I can’t help but get excited over these new rich, bright lip colors from Inglot. I believe that ultimately, makeup is about creativity and self-expression – and these shades really speak to that! The palette reminds me of a vintage paint box, but, even better than paint, it’s filled with lipstick… in some of the most vibrant and unexpected shades I’ve seen!

I don’t live near an Inglot counter (much to my chagrin), but these just launched in stores on Saturday, March 9. Portrait of Mai has swatches of all the shades.

Here are the shade numbers:

Inglot Lip Color march 2013 numbers Product Preview: INGLOT Freedom System Lip Colors

Inglot also released two other new products on March 9: the Sparkling Dust (which I included in my Eye-Catchers of Spring 2013) and a new collection of loose and pressed powders called Mattifying Powder 3S.


Have you seen these lip colors? Are they something you’d try or pass on?

  • MyLuciteDreams

    this is worth the preview because I’m very intrigued to learn more. I’m slightly frightened by this, I will not lie. Do they mix, for different colors? I guess I will see soon :-)

    • Catherine

      In the very brief blurb Inglot released, they said the colors are intended for mixing. I’m eager to learn more, too – though this is definitely one of those fun but not-so-practical products! ♥

  • Kiss & Make-up

    This is lipstick…? I can’t wait to see more of these then, what strange shades!

    • Catherine

      Haha yes, they’re lip colors! ♥

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Whoa, this palette is INSANE!!! I think it’s something I’ll pass though. I’m not good at mixing colors at all (zero artistic talent). It’d be SO cool to see people mixing their favorite shades though!

    • Catherine

      Haha! Oh yes you do have artistic talent, I’ve seen your beautiful makeup creations! I agree, I can see some really fun looks being created with these lip colors. ♥

  • TheProcrastinator

    Whoa….these are lip colours?? I can’t wait to see swatches — I can see these being much more convenient on the set of a shoot than the OCC Lip Tars!

  • Catherine

    Hahaha I know exactly what you mean! I’m dying to see these in person ♥