Liebster Award

The lovely Manuela at The Small Rabbit Hops nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thank you, Manuela! She writes all about cruelty-free information, products, regulations, and news. Her primary blog is actually in French, so if you speak French (or can muddle through with Google Translate), check it out here.

OK, you’re probably asking yourself, what’s a Liebster Award (I was, too). Here’s the deal: [Read more...]

Eco Tools Deluxe Fan Brush

EcoTools Deluxe Fan Brush Eco Tools Deluxe Fan Brush

When Eco Tools released their new brushes recently, I ended up ordering almost all of them. One that I’m particularly excited about is this Deluxe Fan Brush Eco Tools Deluxe Fan Brush.


New Eco Tools Brushes


Eco Tools recently released a bunch of new brushes – and mine just arrived! I’m a big fan of Eco Tools and I can’t wait to try these out and review them for you. The brushes I have here are:  CONTINUE READING…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the Love of Makeup Happy Valentines Day!

Do you have a special look planned for Valentine’s Day? There’s no shortage of tutorial-inspiration in the beauty blogosphere. Here are a few of my favorite ideas (these aren’t all specifically Valentine’s Day tutorials, but would all work well for it – or for any special occasion).  CONTINUE READING…

NYX I Dream of St. Marteen Eyeshadow Palette

NYX I Dream of St Marteen NYX I Dream of St. Marteen Eyeshadow Palette

One benefit of organizing your makeup collection is re-discovering products you haven’t used in a while. Somehow this NYX palette got pushed to the wayside, but the colors are really quite lovely, so I decided to swatch it for you.  CONTINUE READING…

Eye-Catchers of Winter 2013 – Part 2

Eye Catchers Part 1 Winter 20131 Eye Catchers of Winter 2013   Part 2



SLEEK Contour Kit in Medium

Sleek Contour Kit SLEEK Contour Kit in Medium It’s always hard for me to believe that Sleek MakeUP is a high street/drugstore brand. I feel the innovation and quality of their products rivals that many high end, professional lines. That’s certainly true of one of their most popular products, the Face Contour Kit. CONTINUE READING…

Eye-Catching Products of Winter 2013

Wishlist Part 2 Jan 20133 Eye Catching Products of Winter 2013



MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

Matte Pink Blushes ELF Tarte La Femme MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

I recently posted a comparison of my peachy nude blushes. This next installment compares my matte true pinks. Really, I should probably call this Part I of my matte pinks, because I’ll have another post comparing matte pinks that fall more into the nude, natural pink category. The three blushes in this post are brighter, true matte pinks. They are: CONTINUE READING…

BECCA Beach Tints in Watermelon, Fig

BECCA Beach Tints BECCA Beach Tints in Watermelon, Fig

I recently picked up the BECCA Beach Tint Duo from Sephora. It’s a Sephora exclusive set that includes two mini beach tints (.14 fl oz each) for $20 – full size is 0.24 fl oz for $25 each. I wanted to share my quick review for anyone thinking of trying this set, as I’m not sure how long Sephora will have it in stock.

The shades in the set are Watermelon and Fig. CONTINUE READING…