Osmia Organics Perfume Oil Review OSMIA ORGANICS Perfume OilsThe Osmia Organics Perfume Oils are unlike most fragrances on the market. As you might expect from an organic brand, these are all decidedly nature-inspired: earthy, woodsy, smokey, etc. They’re also literally nature-based – the components of each scent are made from nature itself (a fuller explanation of how they’re made by founder Sarah Villafranco, MD here). Because they’re natural, they don’t induce headaches like so many artificial fragrances do. While many of them are quite strong scents, there’s a “softness” to them. You can breathe them in effortlessly and they blend with the chemistry of your skin.

Originally, I planned to write the notes I detected in each fragrance, but I don’t have enough experience with fragrance to identify each note. Instead, I focused more on giving my impression of each scent – which I preferred, what they reminded me of, etc. Osmia’s description of the perfume oil’s notes (if available) are in italics above my impressions.

Osmia Organics Perfume Oil Sample Pack Review OSMIA ORGANICS Perfume Oils

Taza - ambery, rich tobacco, jasmine

Not overtly masculine or feminine, I imagine this would be equally appealing to many men as women. A relatively strong scent. Unisex.


A slightly floral first note, then another that I can’t identify, but I don’t love. Not as strong as Taza, but not a subtle scent but any means.


To me, Sofia and Couro smell similar. I prefer Sofia, but detect some of the same notes as I do in Couro. Like Couro, it’s not as strong as Taza.

Teale - gingerlilly and ylang

Floral but not in the way of most floral scents. After a few moments, I detect an almost licorice note. Lighter than many of the others.

Osmia Organics Perfume Oil Blog Review OSMIA ORGANICS Perfume Oils

Posso - violet leaf, frankincense, Bulgarian rose, precious melissa (lemon balm), grapefruit, Virginia cedarwood

Woodsy, but with a spicier kick. There’s also a citrus-y, flower-y note. Really lovely and unique.

Trusque - fruity, Spanish lavender, plant-based musk

One of the stronger scents. To me this smells masculine, musky

Blum - vanilla base, angelica, honeysucke, orange blossom, neroli, light note of ginger

Lighter, softer, with slightly sweet notes. The first note, I wasn’t sold, but as this lingered on my skin – love. May be limited edition.

Prima - earthy, gently sweet, Saffron oil

Sweet, feminine, and to me, a bit floral.

Cedar Smoke - white cedar, frankincense, smoke, Virgina cedarwood

Like slow-burning sweet-smelling wood. Unisex.

Juniper Fire -  vanilla, sandalwood, smoke, juniper, cedar

A rich, smokey, spicy, wood-fire scent, like a campsite bonfire in the middle of winter. This is such an unique, interesting scent – I have never tried a fragrance that captured these notes before. Absolute love. Unisex.

Bria - sandalwood, frankincense, jasmine, clove, pine, spruce, coriander

Feminine, clean, and floral with just a hint of spice


The perfume oil I like most depends on my mood. But If I absolutely had to pick favorites, I’d go with Juniper Fire and Blum.

I’ve worn all these at least once and I can’t say any of them last particularly long on me. The average wear-time is about 4 hours. This is in line with Osmia’s claims that that they last 2-5 hours. Rather than overpower, these are designed to be applied frequently. Which is just as well, because they’re truly a treat to your olfactory system every time you do.

What are your favorite natural fragrances?

PR Sample 

  • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Hey Catherine, thanks for the review! It’s so cool to see ALL of them in the same post! I’m saying I’ll like Prima the most from reading the descriptions (I’m big on saffron and earthy), but Juniper Fire sounds tempting as well!

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      Hi Sunny! I had one of my sisters smell them all and her favorite was Prima. It’s a great scent and these all just feel really… easy to breathe? I can’t describe it well, but it’s definitely a different feeling than many chemical-y perfumes ♥