OSMIA ORGANICS Forest Body Oil + Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair

Osmia Organics Forest Body Oil Honey Lip OSMIA ORGANICS Forest Body Oil + Honey Myrrh Lip RepairOsmia Organics is a natural, organic skincare line founded and formulated by Dr. Sara Villafranco, MD. After years working as an ER doctor, Sara decided to pursue her love of creating natural skin care full-time. Today I have two Osmia products to share with you: the Body Oil in Forest and the famed Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair.

As I opened the box and unpacked the frosted glass jars decorated with watercolor birds and flowers, my first thought was – wow, these products are gorgeous. Osmia certainly does not skimp on packaging. The containers and design fit nicely with the brand’s luxurious, yet health and environmentally-conscious positioning.

The next thing I noticed were the ingredients lists. They’re refreshingly understandable and I found I could recognize every item listed, which is often not the case, even among companies that make “natural” claims. You can read more about Osmia Organics’ ingredients here.

Osmia Organics Body Oil Forest1 OSMIA ORGANICS Forest Body Oil + Honey Myrrh Lip Repair


The Body Oils come in a number of scents. I selected Forest, as it felt well-suited for this time of year. And it really is. I open the bottle and immediately I’m transported to crisp New England winter mornings. It smells exactly like evergreens.

The Body Oils come in substantial-feeling frosted glass bottles. The stopper prevents excess product from rushing out. With each tap against your palm, it dispenses about a teaspoon. Like most oils, a little goes a long way. A few teaspoons was all I needed for my legs and arms.

Osmia reminds you to apply this BEFORE drying off. I’m glad to hear a brand recommending that, as it’s really the best way to apply all oils, because it allows the oil to seal in the moisture from the water. Of course, skin needs much more than just water to stay hydrated and healthy. The Osmia Body Oil is chock-full of an array of skin-nourishing oils, including coconut, jojoba, and hemp seed (full list below).

Osmia Organics Body Oil Forest Ingredients OSMIA ORGANICS Forest Body Oil + Honey Myrrh Lip Repair

Osmia Organics Honey Myrrh Lip Repair OSMIA ORGANICS Forest Body Oil + Honey Myrrh Lip Repair

Osmia Organics Honey Myrrh Lip Repair Review OSMIA ORGANICS Forest Body Oil + Honey Myrrh Lip Repair


The Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair comes in a tiny, frosted glass tub with a silver metal top. On first use, you need to break through the top layer of the balm, as it’s quite solid. Underneath that first layer, you have one of the smoothest, silkiest balms that I’ve had the pleasure to use. It’s translucent and feels lightweight, which makes it great under color lip products. But my favorite way to use this is slathered on before bed. I wake up with soft, hydrated lips, every time. The Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair has an herbal scent – I personally don’t pick up on the honey, but I can detect a bit of the myrrh.

Osmia Organics Honey Myrrh Lip Repair Ingredients OSMIA ORGANICS Forest Body Oil + Honey Myrrh Lip Repair

With all the praise Osmia Organics has received from beauty blogs, I had high expectations, and I’m glad to report that they were absolutely met. The brand combines elegant packaging with truly effective, organic products that nourish skin and feel totally luxurious to boot.

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  • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Oh man, everyone is raving about Osmia! I’d LOVE to give it a go as well, but as far as I can tell they don’t ship internationally! I’m hoping one of the UK-based sites will start stocking the brand soon.

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      Hi Sunny! Haha I know they’ve been quite the buzz on beauty blogs as of late, haven’t they? According to Osmia Organics comment above, they do ship to the UK, it just takes a while. Not sure about other European countries ♥

  • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

    Thanks for chiming in! ♥

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Osmia & Catherine! I actually live in Belgium, so I might still have to wait till a UK-based webshop stocks your lovely brand ;)

  • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

    Isn’t it so lovely? I’ve been using it sparingly, trying to make it last extra long. The only downside is the price! ♥