NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss


If you have pigmented lips like me, you know it can be hard to find glosses that actually show up. All through high school and for the first year or two of college, I was a lip gloss fanatic. So many times I’d find a great color, but it would just look clear on my lips. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss was one of the first glosses I ever tried with enough pigment to change my lip color.

These come in an array of shades, finishes, and opacity. The consistency is smooth and non-sticky. Like most NYX products, this lip gloss is affordable. Considering the quality and amount of product you get, I think it’s a great deal. You get .5 oz of product – compared to the average gloss, that’s a huge amount.

Just for fun – some examples of the amount you get in other glosses: NARS glosses have .28 oz, Bobbi Brown has .24oz, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss has .21 oz, Buxom Lip Polishes have .15 oz, Laura Mercier Lip Glaces have .12 oz, MUFE Lab Shine glosses have .09, and Stila Lip Glazes have .08 oz. You can also check out Christine from Temptalia.com’s price per oz guide for more comparisons – I thought it was pretty cool.


Top-Bottom: Smokey Look, Beige, Perfect

The packaging is sleek and functional, which I definitely appreciate. Unlike many lipgloss tubes, you can actually see how much you have left. However, it’s not the most durable (which isn’t surprising, given the price). As you can see in the photo above, the top of my Beige has some cracks, and I can see two starting on my Smokey Look top. They just happen over time as you open and close the tubes, but they still work totally fine. Unless they break to the point where I can’t open/close them normally (in which case, I’ll update here!), it really doesn’t matter to me. I’d rather have a few cracks on my lip gloss tube than pay another $20 for it.

It comes with a doe-foot applicator, which I know many of us aren’t huge fans of, but this one is uniquely shaped and works pretty well.

NYX Megashine Lip Gloss Doe Foot Applicator NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

The three shades I have are Smokey Look, Perfect, and Beige. I used to have Natural, which is a gorgeous color, but it had a different scent than the others… and it was awful. Not that I love the others’ scent (cherry flavored medicine?), but this smelled like what I can best describe as rancid grape flavor mixed with plastic. I ended up getting rid of it. I think NYX manufactures their products in multiple countries, so there can be variation depending on which manufacturer your specific product is from. I purchased Natural after the others and remember the “Made in…” country was different.

NYX Megashine lipgloss beige perfect smokeylook1 NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

 L-R: Smokey Look, Perfect, Beige

Beige: A medium fresh pink. It leans cool but has enough warmth to be flattering on many skin tones. It’s one of those shades that can really brighten your complexion and offset redness. This is the most pigmented of the three shades.

Smokey Look: Creamy light orange. It’s fairly pigmented with subtle shimmer.

Perfect: Sheer light pink with shimmer. Appears mostly clear on my lips with the slightest tint of color.

NYX Megashina Lipgloss Swatches NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

L-R: Smokey Look, Beige, Perfect

NYX Lip Gloss with Megashine Swatches NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

L-R: Perfect, Beige, Smokey Look

NYX Lipgloss with Mega Shine Swatches on Lips NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

Top L-R: Natural lip color, Smokey Look; Bottom L-R: Beige, Perfect

The Basics

  • Where to Buy: A limited range of NYX products are sold in stores at ULTA or check the NYX Store Locator. NYX is widely available online. I’ve purchased almost all my NYX products from either Cherry Culture or Joy’s Cosmetics on ebay – she’s a “power seller” and I highly recommend her store (I’m in no way connected to her, I’ve just had good experiences buying from her).
  • Price: ~$5.50
  • Availability: Currently, nyxcosmetics.com ships only to the US & Canada, but NYX is sold in 43 countries
  • Animal Testing Policy: NYX is cruelty-free and PETA-approved


More Swatches & Info

If you’re interested in a Megashine Lip Gloss shade that I don’t have, you may want to check out these Megashine posts from other bloggers throughout the beauty blogosphere: Karla Sugar (swatches of 16 shades with a variety of finishes), Amber Likes Beauty (on lips swatches – two part post), Rinny’s Beauty Diary (an array of pinks and beiges), and Phyrra (some of the bolder shades, including shimmery purples and black).

Hopefully between those links, you’ll be able to find swatches for the majority of the shades! I definitely don’t recommend going by NYX website… the colors are completely off.

One shade that looks beautiful but I haven’t tried yet is Tanned. Do you have a favorite Megashine Lip Gloss shade or is there one you’d like to try?

  • G A B Y

    I only own LALA and I absolutely love it! So pigmented and creamy, the lasting power is pretty good for the cheap price. I do like this type of applicator though!

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com Catherine

      I know, I love how pigmented these are, especially since they feel so smooth and non-drying. Doe foot applicators aren’t usually my favorite, but the way this one is shaped actually makes it work so well for me, I like it too. Thanks so much for your comment, Gaby! <3