Battle of the Makeup Setting Sprays: Model in a Bottle vs Skindinavia

Skindinavia Setting Spray Model in a Bottle Battle of the Makeup Setting Sprays: Model in a Bottle vs Skindinavia

During the summer, I want my usual lightweight, moisturizing, dewey foundation finish, but the warmer weather means my skin is oilier and needs some help with staying powder. Instead of layering up on powder, I reach for setting sprays. I was skeptical, but after testing two of the most famous, I can confirm – they truly work. Here’s my take on Model in a Bottle, Skindinavia, and how they compare. 

Packaging-wise, there’s the substantial frosted glass of Model in a Bottle versus Skindinavia’s minimal and functional plastic. Which you favor will depend on what you’re looking for. I personally tend to opt for lightweight packaging, but the Model in a Bottle certainly has a more “high end” feel.

Model in a Bottle actually comes with two spray tops. As far as I could tell, both work exactly the same, so I think the purpose is just in case one of them breaks or doesn’t work correctly. Spray tops seem particularly prone to malfunctions, so including an extra is a nice touch. However, in terms of how the spray tops function, I prefer Skindinavia’s. It sprays a much finer mist which distributes the product more evenly.

Model in a bottle vs Skindinavia Makeup Matte Spray Battle of the Makeup Setting Sprays: Model in a Bottle vs Skindinavia

Now, the most important point – how the setting sprays work. Both extend the wear of my makeup for about 3-4 hours, with Skindinavia averaging an hour or two longer than Model in a Bottle. It’s not an exact science because how long my makeup wears depends on other factors, too – what I’m doing that day, the weather, if my skin is drier one day than another, etc. Between the two, I personally would choose to repurchase Skindinavia, because I prefer the packaging/spray top and found it kept my makeup in place slightly longer than Model in a Bottle. If you have dry skin, you may prefer Model in a Bottle, as it seems to be a bit less drying.



Here are the ingredient lists for comparison:

[learn_more caption="Skindinavia Ingredients"] Aqua, SD Alcohol 39C, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Isononyl Isononanoate, Ethylhexyl Isononanoate, Sodium Cocamidopropyl PG Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Methyl Perfluorobutyl Ether, Methyl Perfluoroisobutyl Ether, PVP, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Dimethicone PEG 7 Phosphate, PPG 3 Benzyl Ether Myristate, Methylmethacrylate Crosspolymer, Glycereth 5 Lactate, Fragrance, N,2,3 Trimethyl 2 Isopropyl Butamide, Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Juice, Sodium Hydroxide[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption="Model in a Bottle Ingredients"] SD Alcohol 408, Purified Water, Isopentildyal, Acrylates/Octocrylamide, Copolymer, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Biosaccharide Gum, Propylaparden, Methylparaben, Diazoilinyl, and light fragrance.[/learn_more]


Have you tried Model in a Bottle or Skindinavia? Is there another setting spray you like? Do you have any other tricks for getting your makeup to last all day?

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Hey Catherine, thanks for putting these on my map! I’m glad to hear they do extend the wear of your makeup. I am not really into facial mists, but if a spray is going to help my makeup last longer than I’m in!

    • Catherine

      If you want your makeup to last longer, I’d say these are a must-try! They really do work. ♥

  • MyLuciteDreams

    These sound great! I just can’t stand layering powder, it’s such an awful feeling. This sounds like a great product. I have the UD all night er though never tried it. I wonder how different these vary from your usual facial mists.

    • Catherine

      Hi Taylor! I remember UD teamed up with Skindinavia for one of their setting sprays, so I wonder if the one you have will be similar! I can’t stand too much powder either… especially in the summer, when the sun is completely unforgiving ♥

  • Christine

    I’ve tried the UD setting sprays and like that they have formulas for different purposes. I tend to use the Oil Preventing one (can’t remember the name!) and it helps with oil control a bit, but I find it only helps if I mist it before AND after applying foundation. I have always wondered if they are at all different from the Skindinavia ones.
    I’ve heard so much about the Model in a Bottle and how wonderful it is, so it’s nice to see a comparison with the Skindinavia! Thanks!!! :)

    • Catherine

      Ohh that’s so interesting that you mist it before and after foundation… maybe I’ll try that with these. I’d be hesitant to do it all the time, since these both have alcohol in the top two ingredients, and I don’t know if that’d be great directly on skin. Model in a Bottle apparently recently released a new spray bottle and a paraben-free version, I’m very curious! Thanks, Christine! ♥

  • moxiereviews

    This was a great post. I haven’t tried either one, so thank you!!

    • Catherine

      Thanks, Moxie – my pleasure! ♥

  • LifeOfBun

    Hmm that ingredient list, it’s way longer on the Skindinavia, maybe that’s why it stays put better? I’d love to try them!!

    • Catherine

      I wonder, too! I also wonder how much the spray tops effect it. With Skindinavia, the more even application helps ensure it covers your full face. Model in a Bottle recently came out with a new spray top, so it’d be interesting to see if that affects wear time! ♥

  • Brittany Smith

    I’ve only tried two makeup setting sprays – the Elf mineral one and the Urban Decay all night spray. I wonder how the Elf one compares to these! I’ve liked it but maybe I’m missing out from lack of testing others out!

    • Catherine

      I’ve wondered about the elf setting spray, I’ve been meaning to try it… for $3, I figure there’s not much to lose. Thanks for your comment, Brittany! ♥

      • Brittany Smith

        I would love to hear your reaction if you do try it!

        • Catherine

          Same to you, if you try one of these :)

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I’ve always been curious about Model in a Bottle because I’ve heard such good things but I’m not sure makeup setting sprays are really my thing. I do have the Skindinavia one but I don’t ever really use it because when I did, I couldn’t tell a difference. I guess my skin is just SO dang oily that nothing helps! Also didn’t really like the very high amount of alcohol in it…but if it did work magic, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it up. Problem is it doesn’t :/

    • Catherine

      Hi Becca! Yeah, the alcohol is a concern for me too. It’s too bad the Skindinavia doesn’t work for you, I guess it’s just one of those “everyone’s skin is difference” things. It’s interesting, I don’t know that it really helps control oil for me, it seems like it makes my makeup stay in spite of the oil. I actually have the Skindinavia mattifying spray version, but haven’t used it yet… I wonder if that’d be something that would work for your skin. ♥

  • Jane Candor

    This post was tremendously helpful – now I can stick to my Scandinavia/Urban Decay setting spray and save my money for other makeup purchases :P

    • Catherine

      Hi Jane, I’m so glad you found it helpful! ♥

  • Catherine

    It’s my pleasure, Amanda! Thanks for stopping by :)