MILANI Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez

Milani Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez MILANI Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez

Whether your beauty taste leans more department store or drugstore, chances are you’ve heard of the Milani Shadow Eyez. At $6.99, these wallet-friendly gems are on par with (or surpass!) high end shadow pencils I’ve tried. Milani’s recently released Naturally Chic collection includes six new limited edition Shadow Eyez shades, including four mattes. Since the release, I’ve been checking my local drugstores, awaiting their arrivals… but they never showed up. So finally I just ordered online.

I wanted to get this post up quickly, as I don’t know how much longer they’ll be available.

Milani Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez MILANI Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez

The limited edition shades are:

  • Black Ink (07): intense matte black
  • Espresso Line (08): rich matte brown
  • Café Au Lait (09): mid-tone taupey matte brown
  • Almond Cream (10): matte light ivory cream with neutral undertones
  • Sand Dunes (11): shimmery pink with gold sheen and glitter
  • Golden Bronze (12): shimmery coppery gold with glitter

Milani Naturally Chic Swatches MILANI Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez

Milani Cosmetics Limited Edition Shadow Eyez Swatches MILANI Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez

These are so incredibly smooth and creamy – which makes their staying power even more impressive. The matte shades are particularly long-wearing. When I tried removing these swatches with makeup removing wipes, they literally didn’t budge with the first swipe. I found the dark matte shades lasted on my lids a full 12+ hours. By the end of the day, I had slight creasing with Almond Cream, but it was minimal. The shimmer shades faded a bit throughout the day – I noticed fading around the 7 hour mark. Keep in mind, my eyelids are oily and I purposefully didn’t set with powder or use primer.

With the matte shades, I applied the shadow, then just ran my ring finger across my lid to blend. Because the shimmer shades are actually quite glittery, I did have some glitter fallout when I blended them this way. Rather than running my finger of my whole eyelid, I found it works better to apply the glitter shades, then carefully blend just the outer edges of the shadow. This kept glitter fallout to a minimum.


Will you be picking up any of the LE Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez?

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    I like the matte options! I have the impression that there are more shimmery shadow pencils around than matte ones. Glad to hear they last so well too! Cafe au Laid and Almond Cream would make great bases!

    • Catherine

      I agree, Sunny! Their regular line I believe are all shimmery and I feel like that’s just by far the finish of choice for these sort of pencils. I LOVE the matte ones, I guess I’m always partial to mattes though. They do make amazing bases… and they’re also just really fun to use! ♥

  • Phyrra

    I had to buy these through Cherry Culture. Love them!

    • Catherine

      I kept checking Cherry Culture and didn’t see them so I ordered through Milani… thanks for letting me know they’re up on Cherry Culture now, Phyrra! I may have to pick up some backups ;)

  • Makeup Matters

    I have 3 of these new shades and I love them! so glad Milani came out with some matte shades. really happy with the colors & quality. especially for the price!

    • Catherine

      Me too! I love the taupe and Almond Cream particularly. Were you able to find them in stores, Liza? ♥

      • Makeup Matters

        no I got mine on Amazon. com the CVS by me only has the regular shades not these new ones yet.

  • MyLuciteDreams

    Oh gorgeous ! I love them all. The taupe has some dimension and that gold is gorgeous. I never come across Milano but if I do I’m definitely seeking these out!

    • Catherine

      I wish they were easier to find in stores. I feel like this is such a well selected range of colors, I love them all too. Almond Cream and the taupe are my favorites ♥

  • Lily

    These sound and look great! I tried their pencil liner before, but I believe it gives me some sort of allergic reaction. So, I stayed away since. That’s too bad because these shades are all beautiful :-)

    • Catherine

      Ah that’s really too bad, Lily! I’ve gotten reactions from eye liners before, not fun. These are creamy like they’re regular liners, they feel a bit similar in terms of consistency, so I think it’s smart to stay away! ♥

  • Christine

    All those shades look so pretty! I always have trouble finding the LE collections at my drug stores too. It’s so frustrating! I didn’t even think to try online…perhaps I’ll be heading to their site in a minute! :) Thanks for the tip! :)

    • Catherine

      I had trouble ordering from the Milani site, but it finally went through after multiple tries. But Phyrra mentioned she found them on Cherry Culture, so you could check there, too, Christine! ♥

  • Catherine

    Wish they were more widely available. Cherryculture does ship internationally, though I imagine shipping costs would be pretty expensive! ♥

  • LifeOfBun

    These look SO good! And creamy but firm!

    • Catherine

      They are great! ♥

  • TinaBowling

    Sand Dunes and Golden Bronze are just gorgeous! I would go for those first and then probably end up getting Almond Cream as well. I love how you did these swatches!

    • Catherine

      Sand Dunes is very glittery but beautiful. Thanks, Tina! ♥

  • Martha

    I picked up several of these and honestly I should have gotten all of them…they are so wonderful! I don’t know why I didn’t get around to purchasing more Milani products sooner, all of their stuff is so nice and worth far more than the drugstore price tag.

    • Catherine

      I went back and forth on whether to purchase them all and I’m really glad I did, I’ve been getting a lot of use from them ♥

  • Catherine

    I’ve been using Sand Dunes often all over the lid… and I’m not even usually a glitter person! The base color is very close to my skintone, so it just applies as glossy shimmer, mostly. ♥

  • User

    What do you think about them in comparison with LiquifEye? Tks.

    • Catherine

      The Liquif’Eye Pencils are much thinner, the same width as your typical eye pencil, while these are much wider. To get a thin line with these, you need to use a brush. They share the Liquif’Eye creaminess, but I do think they “set” more, which makes them a bit longer-wearing. HTH! ♥