MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

Matte Pink Blushes ELF Tarte La Femme MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

I recently posted a comparison of my peachy nude blushes. This next installment compares my matte true pinks. Really, I should probably call this Part I of my matte pinks, because I’ll have another post comparing matte pinks that fall more into the nude, natural pink category. The three blushes in this post are brighter, true matte pinks. They are:

  • ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion
  • La Femme Blush on Rouge in Flamingo Pink
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Doll Face

Pink Matte Blushes2 MATTE PINK Blush Comparison


Pink Matte Blushes ELF MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

ELF Pink Passion is a vibrant bright pink with fuschia tones. This ELF blush is $3.00 (but you can usually get it on sale for 50% off). Amazingly, the pigmentation rivals La Femme’s – which are the most pigmented blushes I’ve ever tried. Not all ELF Studio blushes have pigmentation like this. I had Peachy Keen and, while it’s a beautiful color, the pigmentation isn’t half as good. Staying power is average on me – it’s faded by the end of the day, but no more than the rest of my makeup.

La Femme Flamingo Pink MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

La Femme Flamingo Pink is very light and cool-toned. Like all La Femme blushes, it’s extremely pigmented – you barely need to touch your brush to the pan. I almost always opt for a duo fiber brush with La Femme blushes. I recommend using a very light hand and building up the color slowly. La Femme blushes do have a drier texture and feel sort of hard in the pan, but I think that texture is what gives them such incredible staying power. Once applied, this barely fades at all throughout the day, no matter how long I’ve been wearing it.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Dollface MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

Tarte Dollface is warmer than the other two and more of a baby pink. I may also include it in my comparison of nude pink blushes. Although it’s definitely a true pink without brown tones, it’s quite a natural shade. It does wear beautifully throughout the day with minimal fading – not quite as impressive as La Femme, but still very long-lasting. Like La Femme, it has a harder texture in the pan. Of the three blushes, I had to work hardest with this one to get pigment on the brush. Maybe my expectations were inflated from all the rave reviews, but I wasn’t as impressed with this as I expected to be. I do have a deluxe sample size from a Sephora kit, so it’s possible there’s some variation between this version and the full-size.

Pink Matte Blushes swatches MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

 L-R: La Femme Flamingo Pink, ELF Pink Passion, Tarte  Doll Face

Pink Matte Blush Swatches MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

 L-R: La Femme Flamingo Pink, ELF Pink Passion, Tarte  Doll Face


What’s your favorite matte pink blush?

  • Voodoo_Blonde

    could you send me a link to the online store where you shop La Femme blushes?

  • Leigh

    It’s too hard to pick a favorite, but I do love the ELF pink passion a lot it’s gorgeous! I’m also a huge fan of the Tarte blushes and now I feel like I must try out some of the La Femme blushes thanks to this post!

    • Catherine

      So glad you like these shades, Leigh! I’d say you really can’t go too far wrong with any of these, but if I had to pick just one, I think I would go with the La Femme. The pigmentation and staying power is just so impressive, and it’s very affordable ♥

  • Moxie Reviews™

    I love pink blushes, so I’m not sure I have a favorite. All the swatches look beautiful, but the ELF is the most surprising since it’s so inexpensive!!

  • MakeUpGuineaPig

    I’ve never had trouble getting the Tarte blushes onto my brush. I wonder if the sample size really does make a difference? I’ve never tried Dollface, but everyone raves about it. My favorite shade is Amused.
    I’m going to have to try the ELF blushes and the La Femme blush is gorgeous! :)