One Step Glitter Nails

Amazing Makeup That’s Still Cruelty-Free: LA Splash Nail Polish in Sparkling Jellyfish


It’s glitter nails without the hassle.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nail polish quite like Sparkling Jellyfish.

The base is a pink jelly formula, with lots of fine glitter. The sparkles totally change color depending on the light, but they appear mostly silver, light blue, light green, and pinkish red. They almost have a sort of ultra-violet glow. They’re like tiny electric crystals.


LA Splash Sparkling Jellyfish1 251x300 One Step Glitter Nails


LA Splash Sparkling Jellyfish 21 251x300 One Step Glitter Nails


Despite the glitter, the formula is really smooth, which makes application easy. The brush is on the wider side (more like OPI’s than Essie’s) which I like. It takes fewer strokes to cover the nail evenly. If you have very small nails, you may not like it as much.

It can be worn on its own or layered over other polishes. It works over creme finishes and those with fine glitter or shimmer. For some reason, I got the idea that it might be glow-in-the-dark (it’s not…) It looks like it could be. It actually does have a transluscent jellyfish-style glow.

The best part about this nail polish is that, even though it’s glitter-filled, it’s extremely easy to remove. It didn’t leave any traces of glitter stuck to my nails, which has happened with other glitter polish formulas. I think I did one extra swipe with a cotton square and nail polish remover, but otherwise it came off the same as a regular polish.


LA Splash Sparkling Jellyfish 5 251x300 One Step Glitter Nails


LA Splash Sparkling Jellyfish 41 251x300 One Step Glitter Nails


Sparkling Jellyfish is the only LA Splash product I own. Judging from the LA Splash website, they have a large selection of unique shades and textures (seems like glitter is kind of their thing). Have you tried LA Splash? Any color or product recommendations?


Pink Jellyfish Photo by Giorgos 150x150 One Step Glitter Nails

Photo by Giorgos