Kalliste Gourmet Handmade Organic Vegan Soap in Rose

Kalliste Organic Vegan Soap Rose Kalliste Gourmet Handmade Organic Vegan Soap in Rose


The more I’ve learned about skincare, the more I’ve come to appreciate all-natural, chemical-free soaps. I’m a fan of Kirk’s Natural and Dr. Bronner’s, so when Kalliste Soap Shop offered to send me a sample for review, I was very interested to try it out.

Launched in 2008, the New York-based company creates truly natural, plant-based soaps that are good for your skin, animals, and the environment. Founder Marie Labropoulos grew up in Greece making soap alongside her grandmother, using generations-old methods. She’s taken those methods, tweaked the ingredients, and is now creating handcrafted soaps that are vegan, organic, sulfate- and paraben-free.

Kalliste Soap Kalliste Gourmet Handmade Organic Vegan Soap in Rose

Kalliste asked that I pick from their best-selling boxed soaps, so of course I picked the one with the cat label. The scent is rose, which I know is somewhat of an acquired taste, but I think it’s lovely. Yes, there is an old-fashioned element to rose scents, but for me it’s more nostalgic, 1950′s glamour than out-dated. But of course, if rose isn’t your thing, Kalliste offers a variety of other scents as well.

This soap feels so wonderfully gentle. It does lather, but not as much as soaps with detergents. I love it as a body cleanser – it leaves your skin feeling so soft and fresh. My skin can sometimes get crazy dry, yet I could skip body lotion after using this soap.

Kalliste soap is also great for cleaning makeup brushes. I just wet the brush slightly, run it across the top of the soap, swirl it onto a clean paper towel, then rinse. It breaks down and removes makeup residue easily. As with any oil-based cleansers, you only need a tiny bit of soap. Any more can be difficult to fully rinse out of the bristles.

Kalliste Vegan Soap Ingredients Kalliste Gourmet Handmade Organic Vegan Soap in Rose

Kalliste Vegan Organic Soap Box Kalliste Gourmet Handmade Organic Vegan Soap in Rose

While it’s easy for brands to claim their products are green, natural, etc., we all know that the reality often doesn’t support the claims. Kalliste is a company whose all-natural claims are backed up with their practices and ingredients. And that is very refreshing!



  • Where to Buy: Online at Kalliste.com or in-stores at select locations
  • Price: $6.50
  • Availability: Based in NY but ships internationally
  • Animal Testing Policy: Kalliste is PETA-approved cruelty-free and vegan


Do you use all-natural and/or plant-based soaps?

  • http://twitter.com/mostlysunnyblog Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Whoaa there’s a cat on the box! I would totally have picked the same one! Annnd it smells like roses too! Right up my alley! I don’t use soap at all anymore it seems, but this one is sooo cute I can totally see it as a good present!

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      I think they’d be cute gifts! What do you use instead of soap, Sunny? ♥

      • http://twitter.com/mostlysunnyblog Sunny @Mostly Sunny

        Hey Catherine, I use liquid soap because it’s more convenient ;)

  • http://MyLuciteDreams.com/ MyLuciteDreams

    What cute packaging. I love an all natural bar of soap. I live to pick them up at fairs and farmers markets.

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      Ah I adore going to farmer’s markets! I’ve haven’t found soaps at any of them yet, I’ll have keep my eyes out. ♥

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Aw what a cute little soap! I love the packaging, love the philosophy behind the brand, love it all! I have been looking for a nice bar soap to use for my brushes so maybe I will give this one a try :)

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      I agree, it’s a great back story behind this brand. I’ve been liking bar soaps for cleaning brushes lately, also for cleaning my beauty blender. Seems to work just as well as liquids and last forever. Thanks for your comment, love! ♥

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.wordpress.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    Aw, the packaging is so cute, with the little kitty… :-)

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      I know, isn’t it? :D Love your new profile pic! ♥

  • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

    I don’t currently know anything about this, but I’ll certainly do some research. Thank you for the information! ♥

  • http://twitter.com/KallisteSoap Kalliste Soap Shop

    Hi there, just wanted to clarify, no palm oil is used in Kalliste products! All of our soap is olive oil based with the addition of coconut and rapeseed in some. Thanks for the input and for not using products with palm oil!

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      Thank you for the clarification! ♥

    • http://twitter.com/MakeUpGuineaPig Christine

      Being a soap-maker and looking at the ingredients, I don’t see any palm-derived ingredients.

      • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

        Thanks so much for weighing in, Christine! Your input is very helpful ♥

  • http://twitter.com/elleseesyou Elle Sees

    thanks for sharing this with us :)))

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      My pleasure ♥

  • http://twitter.com/BeautyReflectTS BeautyReflections

    I love all natural soaps. My daughter has eczema so we use them all the time here. And it rose so YAY love that!

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      Love them too – so good for sensitive skin! Loving your profile pic♥

  • TinaBowling

    I agree with you, I also look at rose scents as nostalgic and very lovely. I would definitely try this company!

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      Let me know how you like it, Tina! ♥

  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com/ TheProcrastinator

    I love the way all-natural soaps smell, but I find I go through them really quickly! It’s almost as though they shrink each time I use them…

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      Haha I feel like that happens to me a lot with bar soap, but as long as I keep them in a soap holder with little holes to drain out any excess water, I find they last longer than liquid ♥

  • http://twitter.com/MakeUpGuineaPig Christine

    Wow! That’s actually soap! I say that as someone who makes homemade soap. :) Most people don’t realize that the bar soaps they buy are actually “detergent bars” – seriously, check the label cuz it can’t be called soap! :) That’s why many of them are rather harsh, irritating and often drying. REAL soap can be quite the opposite! :)

    I LOVE the packaging and it sounds like a lovely soap! True soap is really gentle and great for the skin. It looks like it’s also palm-free, which is an issue for some people due to deforestation of rain forests.

    Thanks for highlighting what looks like a great company! :)

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

      I didn’t know you made soap, Christine! That’s awesome, you should do a post about it. I know, I was so surprised when I learned about what “soap” actually means vs what they usually contain. ♥