Inglot Freedom System Square & Rainbow Eyeshadows

Amazing Makeup That’s Still Cruelty-Free: Inglot Eyeshadow


These are my two Inglot Freedom System palettes. I’ll have a review and swatches up soon. Update: My review, swatches, and more photos are now posted.

Inglot Freedom Palette 5 Pan Neutrals 4 1024x668 Inglot Freedom System Square & Rainbow Eyeshadows

L-R: 107R, Matte 337, Matte 328, 101R, Matte 318


Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Shimmer 1024x668 Inglot Freedom System Square & Rainbow Eyeshadows

L-R: D.S. 436, Pearl 407, Matte 330, 106R


  • Moxie

    Wow. I’m so excited to read your review and see the swatches. Look like gorgeous colors that you chose!!

    • Catherine

      Thanks so much Moxie! Inglot definitely has tons of pretty colors to pick from :)

  • Brenda

    Such pretty colors. I especially like the top palette.

    • Catherine

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Brenda! :)

  • BooBooNinja

    I have 407P too! I’m having trouble using it without looking like my eyes are irritated or tired. :(

    I was wondering — does the payoff and wear of the rainbow mattes differ from the regular mattes? I’m particularly interested in 107R.

    • Catherine

      Thanks for your comment!! I know what you mean about 407P. I actually have been using it more as a blush. For eyes, the way I’ve used it is blended really lightly into/slightly above a darker, cooler crease color, if that makes sense. It’s subtle but adds warmth.

      The regular mattes have better color payoff. Both last all day for me, but I do think the lighter shades of the rainbows look more faded by the time I go to take them off at night. 107R is a little confusing – it looks like it has slate grey tones in the pan, but it’s actually more of a standard red-based brown when applied (at least on my skin). If you check out my most recent post, it has better photos and swatches :)

  • BooBooNinja

    Thanks for your insights. The reddish undertones of the 107R are disappointing; I was hoping for more neutral browns. I’m headed for your latest Inglot post. :)

  • Pam Flynn

    I would love to see more product reviews on many more cruelty free products