India Bans Animal Testing of Cosmetics

HEART SUN India Bans Animal Testing of Cosmetics

On June 28, 2013, India banned animal testing of cosmetics and their ingredients. This makes them the first South Asian country to outlaw the practice. I just wanted to recognize this groundbreaking news. Policies, laws, and public opinions are changing – and we are all part of this movement!


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Animal Testing on Cosmetics Banned in India


Also, consider checking out the incredible organization Help Animals India.


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  • moxiereviews

    I read about this today. So wonderful!! xo

    • Catherine

      Hooray! ♥

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Oh wow, this is good news indeed! I don’t even know if any other country in Asia has banned animal testing. Goooo India!

    • Catherine

      I’m so excited about this. Thanks so much for your support, Sunny! ♥

  • Catherine

    I know! I do think it will become the worldwide standard; it’s a matter of how soon we can achieve it. Thank you so much, Shode – your kind words mean so much to me! ♥

  • Sascha

    Love this! It really is great news.

    • Catherine

      I know, it’s amazing the progress that’s been made just in the last year. ♥

  • Catherine

    It’s so true, Angela. I believe it’s just a matter of time, but the question is how long. Thanks so much for your comment. ♥

  • Diana Siuta

    This is incredible! Hope the US catches up soon.

    • Catherine

      Me too, Diana! Thanks for your comment ♥

  • Jane Candor

    This is sooo inspiring!! I’m so proud of India. Hopefully more nations will follow in its footsteps.

    • Catherine

      Me too! I’m very optimistic that it’s just a matter of time. ♥