Eco Tools Six Piece Day-To-Night Clutch Set

Eco Tools Day To Night Clutch Set Six Pieces Eco Tools Six Piece Day To Night Clutch Set

If you’re a fan of Eco Tools, I’m pretty confident you’ll love their new Six Piece Day-To-Night Clutch Set. This set includes the clutch case and five brushes: the Smudge Brush, Pointed Concealer Brush, Round Powder Brush, Detailed Lip/Liner Brush, and Stay-There Shadow Brush.

Eco Tools Day To Night Clutch Set small Eco Tools Six Piece Day To Night Clutch Set

The clutch has a beautiful coppery gold design, similar to the one on the Fresh and Flawless Five Piece Complexion Set. I hadn’t realized it before ordering, but the clutch stands upright. One of my Real Techniques sets came with a case/stand like this and I found it super useful when traveling. It protected my brushes in my suitcase. Then I could pull it out and have all my brushes on display wherever I ended up doing my makeup. No rummaging through a seemingly bottomless makeup bag!

Eco Tools Day to night clutch set Brush heads Eco Tools Six Piece Day To Night Clutch Set

1. Smudge Brush

A typical, pencil-style smudge brush. It’s dense but soft.

2. Pointed Concealer Brush

Slightly bigger than the smudge brush and comes to more of a point.

3. Round Powder Brush

This has quickly become one of my favorite powder brushes in my collection. It can give that airy light, barely-touching-the-skin application of a duo fiber brush, but can also blend like a mineral powder brush. The size adds to its versatility. It’s small enough for blush and bronzer and large enough for powder, mineral foundation (although it will give light coverage).

4. Detailed Lip/Liner Brush

Tiny and perfect for dotting on concealer.

5. Stay-There Shadow Brush

This one is similar in shape to the Large Eye Brush in the Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Set, but smaller and perhaps even slightly softer.

Eco Tools Day to night clutch set 375 Eco Tools Six Piece Day To Night Clutch Set

Eco Tools Day to night clutch set brushes2 Eco Tools Six Piece Day To Night Clutch Set

Eco Tools Day to night clutch set5 Eco Tools Six Piece Day To Night Clutch Set

The style/handle-length of these brushes is the same as the Deluxe Fan Brush - which looks like it could be part of the set.  Not only are the brushes high quality and well-made, they’re so functional and versatile. In the two weeks I’ve had them, I’ve been reaching for at least one of these brushes every time I do my makeup. Whether you’re just getting into makeup or you have an overflowing brush collection (like me), chances are you’ll get lots of use from this set.



  • MyLuciteDreams

    This looks like a great set! They all look like winners! I often find that in sets there are maybe one or two good ones.

    • Catherine

      I totally agree, Taylor… I know I’ve purchased many sets for just one brush that I’d much rather have purchased individually. With this set – even though I do have some similar eye brushes, they’re such solid, well-done basics, it’s nice to have extras ♥

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Now THIS set looks great–better than the last one you reviewed. I LOVE a good smudge brush (even though that one is much more rounded than I’m used to seeing) and the Pointed Concealer Brush looks like it’d made a great pencil brush! I can only imagine how soft these are too…definitely going to go looking for this one today! :D

    • Catherine

      Ohhh Becca I think you’ll love them, this and the fan brush and the Body & Face Sculpting brush (which I’ve yet to review) are the winners of the new releases, in my opinion. And yeah, pass on the mini set – at least that’s my 2 cents. The smudge brush does have a bit more of a rounded tip than some others, it’s also softer and more flexible than some, which I like, but perhaps doesn’t offer quite as much precision as a firmer one ♥

  • Moxie Reviews™

    I love Eco Tools! This looks like a really nice set and I agree, love that it stands upright!

    • Catherine

      It’s such a simple thing, but really does come in handy! ♥

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Looks interesting. I’d love to hear how the pointed concealer brush performs!

    • Catherine

      I’m actually loving that brush, it’s relatively firm point but it’s tapered so it also blends/diffuses color nicely. I’ve been using it for shadow mostly but it also works well to dot on concealer or buff in a mineral concealer. I prefer the Detail lip brush for precise concealing though. ♥

  • memoiselle memoiselle

    I love Eco Tools! They are soft, smooth and priced affordably! This looks like a nice set. The design of the brush handle looks nicer too!

  • L e n a

    what a neat set!
    i’d like the number 1 & 2 especially. ;)

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    I really like the case! I think the brushes in this set are must-haves for just about everyone!

  • Catherine

    Thank you! The pointed concealer brush is densely packed and firm, but the bristles are still very soft. ♥

  • Catherine

    I’m such a fan of Eco Tools, as well. I’ve had these for a while now and the powder brush has become a daily go-to for powder products! ♥

  • Jen

    Thanks for comparing the stay-there eyeshadow brush to the large shadow brush in the essential eye kit. Details such as those are really helpful in comparing the sets which I am often doing :)

  • kelly

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