CULT NAILS Let’s Get Dirty Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Lets Get Dirty CULT NAILS Let’s Get Dirty Nail Lacquer

Nail painting is one beauty ritual I really don’t enjoy, mostly because I’ve just never gotten good at it. I don’t have the patience for streaky or uneven formulas – I’d rather just skip nail polish or go with a sheer nude. I ordered Let’s Get Dirty ($12) on a whim, after seeing it on Temptalia. It’s my first Cult Nails polish and, after trying this formula, I think I may have found the answer to all my nail polish frustrations.

Let’s Get Dirty is a taupe-y grey with light purple tones. There’s a bit of a murkiness to it. Cult Nails describes it as having a “wax-finish,” which I hadn’t heard of before. The base color is matte, though not starkly so. I would compare the base formula to Inglot’s semi-matte finish. It also contains tons of tiny barely visible shimmer. In most lights, I can’t see it, but it’s very apparent in sunlight.

I ended up adding a top coat to give it a shiny finish, which I think I prefer with this particular shade.

Formula-wise, Let’s Get Dirty is outstanding. It’s one of the easiest polishes to work with that I’ve tried. I applied Let’s Get Dirty six days ago. There’s slight space at my cuticles where my nails have grown, but only one tiny chip (which happened today). I’ve never been one to purchase high-end polishes, so I kind of can’t believe I’m saying this but, for the ease of application, Cult Nails is worth the money to me.

Cult Nails is also on Logical Harmony’s vegan nail polish list, which I trust.

Cult Nails Lets Get Dirty Nail Lacquer1 CULT NAILS Let’s Get Dirty Nail Lacquer

Cult Nails Lets Get Dirty Swatches CULT NAILS Let’s Get Dirty Nail Lacquer

 The left shows Let’s Get Dirty’s wax finish and the right shows it with a shiny top coat.

Have you tried Cult Nails? Any shade recommendations?

  • Martha

    That’s pretty! I typically try to go a bit more high-end for a color I’ll wear all the time, because it’s worth the extra few $$ to me for a superior formula and longer wear time. I don’t have a lot of patience for painting my nails either :D

    • Catherine

      Hey Martha! I think I may end up picking up another shade or two from Cult Nails, I was that impressed (I really don’t need more nail polish!) They have two really pretty orange-red colors I’m eyeing. I’m glad I’m not the only beauty blogger who doesn’t love painting her nails ;)

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Eeee you got this one! I was looking at it too, but the brand is not easily available here. I think it’s a lovely, complex shade, and the finish is something you don’t see everywhere!

    • Catherine

      I wonder if Beautylish ships to Europe, I just learned that they sell Cult Nails. It seems like a pretty small company, so I can see how it’d be hard getting it overseas. I love the finish but on me, it’s more flattering with a top coat. I think it’d be really pretty against your skintone, Sunny! ♥

      • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

        Hey Catherine, I just checked and unfortunately they only ship within the US! I’ll have to figure something out!

        • Catherine

          Ah that’s too bad. If you see a shade you have to have, let me know, I’ll send it to you. Two of my sisters are overseas right now (one traveling all around Europe, the other in India) so I’m sort of an expert international-shipper ;)

          • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

            Aww that’s so sweet of you! Thanks, Catherine!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Special color! I have a similar one from Revlon.

    • Catherine

      Thanks ♥

  • Christine

    That’s not a color I’d probably gravitate towards, but it’s beautiful on you! I’ll have to look for Cult Nails…although the last thing I need is more nail polish! :)

    • Catherine

      Thanks, Christine! I was really impressed by the formula. It’s a little bit of a quirky shade, in my opinion – almost purposefully dusky looking, which kind of adds to its chicness haha ♥

  • Catherine

    Hi Rita, I didn’t notice more fumes than any typical polish. I don’t like the smell of nail polish either and usually paint my nails near an open window. ♥