10 Things for Spring | What I’m Loving Currently

Things for Spring 2014 10 Things for Spring | What Im Loving Currently

Last spring, I did a 10 Things for Spring post. With the early days of spring upon us again, I decided to add a second installment (may I just say how exciting it is that this blog is old enough for once-annual series?) CONTINUE READING…

QTICA/ZOYA Callus Action Quick Gel

Zoya Qtica ZoomDry Callus Action Quick Gel QTICA/ZOYA Callus Action Quick GelDuring the winter I essentially live in fuzzy socks morning and night. Needless to say, my foot care gets pretty lax. Warm weather means flip flop season, which means it’s time to start paying attention to the condition of my toes again! The older I get, the more I notice my feet are prone to dryness and calluses. No matter how many oils, lotions, and potions I slather on after showering (trust me, it’s a lot!), I’m still liable to get those extra hard, dry patches. Luckily, I’ve found a handful of products that help get my feet in presentable-condition without a lot of time or money. Exhibit A: the Zoya/Qtica Callus Action Quick Gel. CONTINUE READING…

ZOYA Nail Lacquer in London

Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish ZOYA Nail Lacquer in London

Zoya Nail Lacquer in London ($10) is a dark slate grey  (in some lights, it pulls more dark navy) with the unique PixieDust finish – a matte base, packed with textured shimmer. CONTINUE READING…

QTICA Extending Top Coat

Qtica Zoya Extending Top Coat QTICA Extending Top Coat

As I mentioned in my Zoya Dove review, I’ve been conducting a little experiment with the Qtica/Zoya Extending Top Coat. CONTINUE READING…

ZOYA Nail Lacquer in Dove

Zoya Nail Lacquer Dove Blog Review ZOYA Nail Lacquer in DoveFor the first polish from my recent Product Preview, we have Zoya Nail Lacquer in Dove CONTINUE READING…

Product Preview: Three Zoya Nail Lacquers

Zoya Nail Lacquer London Storm Normani with text Product Preview: Three Zoya Nail LacquersA preview of my three new Zoya nail polishes: London (PixieDust), Dove, and Normani. These are the shades I selected (after much deliberation!) during the “3 free polish” promo. Full reviews to come!

ZOYA 3 Free Polish Promo (1/7-1/13)

Zoya 3 Free ZOYA 3 Free Polish Promo (1/7 1/13)Happy Monday, everyone! Just want to let you know that Zoya’s annual 3 free polish deal starts tomorrow. You pick out any three polishes (looks like PixieDusts are included) and get them for free, just pay a shipping/”processing” fee of $12. (I vaguely remember it being $5 when I first used this promo years ago, but hey, Zoya has grown a lot since then.) The promo runs until January 13 with promo code COLOR2014. Details here.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are my past Zoya reviews:

If you use this promo, let me know which shades you pick out!

ZOYA Nail Lacquer in Noot

Zoya Noot ZOYA Nail Lacquer in Noot

Today I present to you the nail lacquer that broke my years-long no-dark-polish streak. It began when a co-worker wore Essie Power Clutch. I instantly knew I wanted this color, but a cruelty-free version. So I turned to Zoya, the brand that has a greater array of shades than any I know. And they have what appears to be nearly an exact dupe: Zoya Noot ($8). CONTINUE READING…

ZOYA PixieDust Nail Lacquer in Godiva

Zoya Godiva ZOYA PixieDust Nail Lacquer in Godiva

After months of resisting, I’ve finally ventured into the realm of textured nail polish with Zoya PixieDust Nail Lacquer in Godiva ($9). The real draw for me was the sparkly champagne-beige color. I had my reservations about the texture (wouldn’t it bother me? catch on things?) But after three coats and over a week of wear, I have nothing but raves for this polish.


Product Preview: Two Zoya Nail Lacquers

Zoya Godiva and Zoya Noot Nail Lacquer Product Preview: Two Zoya Nail Lacquers

In a departure from my typical light pinks and nudes, lately I’ve been sporting two totally different, more unique shades: Zoya Noot & Godiva. CONTINUE READING…