Summertime Scents: 4 Somethin Special Fragrance Oils

Somethin Special Frangances Cooler Summertime Scents: 4 Somethin Special Fragrance Oils

In my endless pursuit of olfactory delight, I stumbled upon the charming world of Etsy fragrance sellers. Now, I know what you may be thinking – how can you choose fragrances without testing them in person? OK, that is a drawback. But the fragrance selection at the price is simply unmatched anywhere else I’ve seen. And once you’ve tried a certain scent, you know whether it’s something you’ll be purchasing again.

Plus, in a way, maybe it’s part of the enjoyment – perusing through scent descriptions and waiting to see whether you’ve uncovered a gem. And when you do, it’s rather exciting. That’s what happened when I first smelled the Somethin Special Gardenia Kiss Dry Oil Body Perfume Spray (which I first mentioned in 10 Things for Spring). Instant love. So of course I needed to try out more of their fragrance oils. I browsed through Somethin Special’s extremely extensive list of scents and decided on Island Kiss, Coconut Vanilla, Vanilla Banana, and Amande Coco CONTINUE READING…

10 Things for Spring | What I’m Loving Currently

Things for Spring WITH NUMBERS 10 Things for Spring | What Im Loving Currently

I apologize for my limited posting this week. I’ve actually been overflowing with ideas and inspiration, but just haven’t had the time to translate them into completed posts. To get back in the blogging swing, here are the products that I’ve been loving currently. CONTINUE READING…