10 Most Popular Posts in 2013

Most Popular Posts Cruelty Free Beauty Blog 2013 750 10 Most Popular Posts in 2013I always enjoy when other bloggers share which posts received most traffic over the year, so I thought I would share mine. It’s definitely an interesting list, especially considering a number of these were actually posted in 2012! CONTINUE READING…

Boots No 7 Animal Testing Policy Details

UPDATE 1/17/14: From reader Terri, an article about Boots Expanding in China


I know many of us have questions about Boots No 7′s animal testing policy, so I contacted them. I asked whether ingredients or finished products are tested on animals, whether a third party conducts animal tests on Boots’ behalf, whether they sell in countries that require animal testing, and whether Boots plans to become Leaping Bunny certified or listed by PETA. They responded quickly to my questions – within 24 hours. Their response: CONTINUE READING…

Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Foundation SPF 15

Boots No7 Lifting Firming Foundation13 Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Foundation SPF 15

[box]The Boots No 7 website states that they do not test on animals; they have a pool of thousands of human volunteers who test their products. Boots No 7 is a UK-based brand manufactured in the EU, where animal testing of cosmetics has been banned since March, 11 2009. However, Boots No 7 is not currently on either the Leaping Bunny or PETA do-not-test list. I will update once I have more information.

Update 11/04/12: While I’ve long believed Boots No 7 to be cruelty-free, I’ve heard claims they may not be. The bottom line: I just don’t know for sure. For that reason, I’m opting not to purchase from Boots No 7 until they become listed by the Leaping Bunny or PETA.

Update 11/20/12: You can read more at Boots No 7 Animal Testing Policy Details.[/box]

I first became interested in this foundation after hearing rave reviews on numerous Youtube channels, first from Ginabinawina99. It’s supposed to be high quality at Target price and has been compared to Chanel Lift Lumiere. CONTINUE READING…