MATTE RED Blush Comparison

Matte Red Blush Comparison Lippy Girl IT Cosmetics La Femme MATTE RED Blush Comparison

It’s been a couple months since I posted my last blush comparison. I’m not sure why it’s been so long, as I really enjoy doing these posts. For this edition, I rounded up my matte reds. They are:

  • IT Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush Blush Stain in Matte Sweet Apple (my review)
  • Lippy Girl Organic Mineral Blush in Bitch Slap (my review)
  • La Femme Blush On Rouge in Brick Red

MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

Matte Pink Blushes ELF Tarte La Femme MATTE PINK Blush Comparison

I recently posted a comparison of my peachy nude blushes. This next installment compares my matte true pinks. Really, I should probably call this Part I of my matte pinks, because I’ll have another post comparing matte pinks that fall more into the nude, natural pink category. The three blushes in this post are brighter, true matte pinks. They are: CONTINUE READING…

NUDE PEACH Blush Comparison

Nude Peach Blush Comparison1 NUDE PEACH Blush Comparison

When I reviewed BECCA Mineral Blush in Wild Honey, I posted photos showing Wild Honey next to Sleek Suede. I wanted to go more in-depth on the comparison and also include one other peachy nude blush, La Femme Naturelle. I try to keep my collection well-edited and not too hugely excessive (haha good one, I know…) Anyway, here are my nude peach blushes. CONTINUE READING…