Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Foundation SPF 15

Boots No7 Lifting Firming Foundation13 Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Foundation SPF 15

[box]The Boots No 7 website states that they do not test on animals; they have a pool of thousands of human volunteers who test their products. Boots No 7 is a UK-based brand manufactured in the EU, where animal testing of cosmetics has been banned since March, 11 2009. However, Boots No 7 is not currently on either the Leaping Bunny or PETA do-not-test list. I will update once I have more information.

Update 11/04/12: While I’ve long believed Boots No 7 to be cruelty-free, I’ve heard claims they may not be. The bottom line: I just don’t know for sure. For that reason, I’m opting not to purchase from Boots No 7 until they become listed by the Leaping Bunny or PETA.

Update 11/20/12: You can read more at Boots No 7 Animal Testing Policy Details.[/box]

I first became interested in this foundation after hearing rave reviews on numerous Youtube channels, first from Ginabinawina99. It’s supposed to be high quality at Target price and has been compared to Chanel Lift Lumiere.

Boots No7 Lifting Firming Foundation Nude Blonde Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Foundation SPF 15

L-R: Nude, Blonde

It has a sort of satin-like finish, not quite what I’d call dewey but closer to dewey than matte. Coverage is medium but it can easily be sheered out to give a much lighter finish. It’s great for evening out skintone, but it won’t cover any darkly pigmented spots. If you go back with a tiny brush and dot foundation directly on the spots you want to cover, it makes them about 75% less visible.

Boots No7 Lifting Firming Foundation2 Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Foundation SPF 15

L-R: Nude, Blonde

I mix two shades: Nude (15) and Blonde (20).  That probably isn’t really necessary, I’ve just gotten in the habit of mixing foundations for a more perfect match.

If you have light to medium skin and especially if you’ve struggled to find an affordable foundation with a yellow undertone (as opposed to the infamous “drugstore pinks”), you’ll like the shades Boots offers. Nude is a light, very yellow shade – about NC20 in depth. Blonde is a much pinker shade that’s also slightly darker – closer to NW25. The majority of the other shades have yellow undertones. Unlike the drugstore, Target has testers so you can make sure you’re picking the best shade before buying.

One drawback is the lightest (Porcelain) and two darkest shades (Almond, Walnut) aren’t sold at some Targets and the rest of the shades are all relatively close in color depth. So in those stores, there’s no shade for very light skin and nothing for anyone darker than medium (the dark shades currently aren’t on either). But you can buy from the Boots online store directly.

Boots No7 Lifting Firming Foundation Nude Blonde Swatches Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Foundation SPF 15

L-R: Nude, Blonde

I’m 22, so I can’t really speak to the anti-aging claims, but of course prevention is always the best approach. Sunscreen is one of the most essential ways we can protect our skin from environmental damage. It’s important for all of us, at every age, and this has an SPF 15 – so, even if none of the other ingredients help prevent or diminish signs of aging, this foundation will for sure help minimize sun damage.

I have combination skin – my skin gets oily in some areas and very dry in others. Because it’s positioned as an anti-aging foundation and feels very moisturizing, I was surprised to find that it does cling to any areas that are a bit dry. This happens with many foundations, especially ones with more mattifying properties – dryness gets accentuated which makes the foundation very noticeable on the skin. As long as I moisturize my skin well before applying the foundation, the foundation looks natural. But I don’t find myself reaching for it when my skin is particularly dry. I do find that, like many moisturizing foundations, wear time is a bit less than average on me. That’s to be expected, as this isn’t designed to be long-lasting. The more emollient a foundation, the more easily it will move and slide off skin. If you have dry skin, wear time likely won’t be an issue. If you have very oily skin and are looking for long-lasting wear, this may not be for you.

Overall, while wear time could be better, if you’re looking for medium coverage with a satin finish, this is a beautiful foundation at a great price.


Recap – The Basics

  • Finish: Satin. Not quite dewey
  • Texture: Moisturizing
  • Coverage: Light to Medium
  • Wear time: ~6 hours
  • Price: ~$15 depending on location
  • Availability: In the US, Target (in store and online),  Boots USA onlinedrugstore.comAmazon

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