The Background Story

About two years ago, I learned that animals were still used to test cosmetics, household, and personal care products. I remember feeling shocked. Somehow it’d never occurred to me that we were still testing these sorts of products on animals. I’d thought that with constant technological advances and the super-visible presence of groups like PETA, these things just didn’t happen anymore. I had this naïve notion that someone else was taking care of it.

The truth is—animal testing of cosmetics, personal care and household products is real and happening every day, at this exact moment.

I guess I should start by saying – the decision to create this site was one I kind of stumbled upon.  After some major companies “discretely” re-instated animal testing, I had a hard time getting accurate information about it. Much of what I read contradicted itself and the statements from the actual companies were either written in really overly legal-y language that left plenty of room for loopholes or so vague they didn’t mean much at all.

I found that often commenters on blogs would have information that I couldn’t find elsewhere online about cruelty-free companies and news. It was really only because I followed so many beauty blogs that I ended up learning the full story behind the policy change and in some subsequent instances.

I realized how much I relied on the blogging community for information about cruelty-free companies and how helpful it would be if all the people who were commenting on the various beauty blogs could share their knowledge in one place. I started coming up with idea after idea for cruelty-free resources and tools that I wished existed, that would make buying cruelty free easier.

Frankly, despite following tons of blogs, I never really thought of starting my own. But I realized I could potentially create a site that could help people trying to buy cruelty-free and, in turn, maybe help animals. That’s when I decided to do it.

I really believe that one of the most powerful tools in stopping animal testing in personal care products is what we—the consumers—do. And I think that the unique value of a site like this lies in its potential to facilitate information exchange between like-minded individuals with a common goal.

To me, if this site can be a useful resource for one person and contribute to one less animal abused in the name of consumer products, it’s so more than worth it.

About Me

I’m 23, from the East Coast. I try to help animals in any way I can and I believe in the art of makeup.

On this site, the term “cruelty-free” means never tested on animals at any stage in manufacturing/production or by third parties.

All products reviewed on this blog were purchased by me, unless specifically stated otherwise.

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